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Are you tired of going to barber shops that just can’t seem to capture your style? Then you need to visit the Leo Barber Shop today. We offer our services to customers in the Boulder City, NV area. Those who would like to support us from Las Vegas, Henderson and Nellis AFB are welcome to do so. Our barber shop has been open for many years and over this time, we have gained many loyal clients. Our client base supports us on a regular basis because our services are excellent. We employ competent and talented barbers who have an eye for detail. 

If you are looking for a professional barber shop that does beard trimming, look no further than Leo Barber Shop. Our barbers are qualified to cut your hair and trim your beard in an excellent way. We take pride in everything we do here at Leo Barber Shop, which is why you will always find that we have great coffee and conversation too. So, while we take care of your beard trimming, let us engage you in good conversation. Our talented staff always have food for thought and you can let us know yours. 

Men's barber cuts are what we do excellently. So, whether you need fades, flat tops or comb-overs, our barbers are up for any task. We cut each strand of hair with precision. So, we always strive to deliver a haircut that is outstanding. This is why we have customers coming to us from all over the area. We never compromise on quality and you always get more value for your money with us than any other barber shop in this area. Leo Barber Shop is the number one barber shop in Boulder City, NV. For all your men's barber cuts and shaves, come on over to Leo Barber Shop today.

Mens Barber Cuts

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